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"Murli Laj Chugani Community Health Care Centre"





Dr. Bakhtavar Mahajan

Dr. Srirupa Mukherjee

Ms. Madhu Pawha

The Community Health Care Centre (CHCC) of IWSA is named after Ms Murli Laj Chugani, a generous and noble citizen of Mumbai. It was set up through donations from the Murli Laj Chugani Charity Trust (MLCCT) for the benefit of Vashi residents and surrounding areas. This Centre has been renovated recently with a fresh clean look.

The facilities include: Dentistry, physiotherapy and homeopathy, all at reasonable rates. For appointments call 022 27899706 (4 pm to 8 pm).

Dentistry: A high-end dental chair has been purchased from the gernerous donation of IWSA’s ex-President, late Dr. Uma Rao.  All dental procedures -- scaling/cleaning, cavity filling, teeth restoration, crowns, root canal, dentures, implants, etc—are carried out at the Centre.  

Physiotherapy:  The many services offered here include: Short wave diathermy (SWD), TENS, mobilization, ultra sound, hot and cold packs, IFT, tapping, ICT, gait training and balancing.

Health camps for cancer detection, thyrocare camp and free dental / physiotherapy check ups, by experienced and dedicated medical practitioners are annual features of the Centre. In addition, lectures/workshops on health-related topics by eminent clinicians are conducted for the benefit of lay public and students.

Doctors attending the clinic:  

Dr. Raichel Thomas(dentist)
Dr. Shraddha Khedekar (physiotherapist)
Dr. Anjali Ratankumar (physiotherapist)
Dr. Varsha Verma (homeopath)

Timings: 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm




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