IWSA Science Laboratoy (Mr. Vasudev Bhide & Dr. (Mrs) Sumati Bhide's Science Laboratory)

Exciting laboratory sessions for students and teachers are organised on a regular basis.  A Science Nurture Programme is conducted for middle school students from an underprivileged background with limitations in English language. Here emphasis is on experiments, hands on activities and the English language.  For more information contact:  Convener, Science Awareness Committee.

IWSA’s Sunday Science Club in collaboration with TechShiksha (www.techshiksha.com), exposes school students to exciting science / technology based projects. To attend the workshops write to Amit Modi   web.techshiksha@gmail.com / 9987213420


Dr. Lalitha Dhareshwar


Dr. Susan Eapen


Dr.Devaki Ramanathan


Ms. Tripta Tiwari

IWSA's Science Laboratory was set up in 1977 to conduct various science programmes for school students, with the generous donation from Dr. Sumati Bhide's family, IWSA's founder member. The objectives of the laboratory are:

To develop interest and better understanding of science through "hands-on activities".
To equip students with various scientific skills which are needed in higher classes.
To inculcate scientific temper.
To clarify concepts.

In August 15, 1999, members initiated the Sunday Science and Computer Club, for students of age group 8-14 years. Initial classes and activities were held under the guidance and expertise of Drs. Shantoo Gurnani, Sumati Bhide, Sunila Mathur and Niyati Bhattacharyya.

Resource Persons:
Scientists from IWSA, BARC and other experts in different disciplines of sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) closely interacted with students. For computer activity, experienced instructors guided students. Besides regular Sunday activities, visits to industries and special talks by experts were organized. Programmes, in collaboration with other organisations, like Nehru Science Center, CD viewing, short projects, field trips and debates were arranged.

Summer Workshops in different subjects were also arranged.

Programme for Teachers : Workshops for science teachers were organized for the teachers of the municipal schools of Navi Mumbai, Anjumane Islam School, and for several private schools in Vashi. These workshops were held in collaboration with Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education.

In 2008, several laboratory instruments and glassware were bought from the handsome donation from Ratan Tata Trust.

Sunday Science Club /Techshiksha

A new programme on `activity based learning of science was started this year in collaboration with TechShiksha, a group formed by Mr Amit Modi, ex IIT Mumbai.  Total of 23 sessions were held. These were as follows:

TechShiksha sessions for the year 2017-18 (April – Feb)

Topics covered in
Science & Robotics Club

Topics covered in
Electronics club

Level 1 Robot


 Magicians Robot


Obstacle avoiding Robot


Line follower robot

Self tuning torch

Inch Worm Robot

Mobile Charger

Clapping Robot

Touch sensor

Walking robot


Newton car

Dark Sensor

Potential Energy truck

Light Sensor

Tortional Roller

NOT Gate

Hydraulic Arm


Gear Box

Water Level Indicator

Flying Pendulum

LED Cube

Automata CAM

PNP Transistors

Levitating Pencil

Darlington Pair

Spinning Pencil

POV Display


H- Bridge

DC Motor

Timer intro


Waving siren

Sun dial


3D Glass

TV remote Jammer


Countdown Timer

Salt battery

Police siren

Infinite mirror


Fire Extinguisher

Home automation

Supper Bubble

Opamp Intro

Sugar Test

Battery Charge Indicator

LED plate

Speaker amp

Automatic Dishwasher

Speaker amp on PCB

Automatic Mop

Fm transmitter

Archimedes screw pump


Marble Game

Clap switch

Ornithopter  flapping mechanism

Electronic Dice

Line Follower Type 2

Electronic stopwatch

Crawling Robot


Watcket Wop




























Total No of sessions - 35



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