Science Nurture Programme

IWSA launched a science programme for the students of the Sainath English High School, Sector-9A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai in 2012. The objectives for the programme were to sharpen young brains and fortify fundamental concepts in science through simple hands - on experiments at the IWSA science laboratory. This should have a positive impact on the overall scientific understanding of these students and improve their grades at school and motivate these students to higher courses in science and scientific careers. The selected school had most of the students from economically and academically weak backgrounds.
The modus operandi was to select 12 bright students from class VII in consultation with school teachers and those with interest and inclination to sciences. Once a week, these students performed hands-on-experiments at IWSA Science laboratory on different subjects (adhering to school curriculum). These sessions were held for two hours every week under the guidance of IWSA resource persons. who were/are dedicated scientists/ science teachers, bearing excellent experimental expertise and teaching capabilities.

The results of the students are being monitored for improvements, if any, in their performance in science subjects.

We are happy to note the enthusiasm of these students despite their difficulties in English language which is a great learing barrier for them.


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