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First Announcement
Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA) and Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College (KBPC), Vashi, Navi Mumbai, launched a new course - Ethics in Scientific Research for scientists, science teachers and students.
The course was conducted on IWSA premises on 28 in February, and 1st March, 2014. This course by IWSA is a natural development after its triennial meet in 2011 and a series of lectures on the same theme.
Why a course on this topic?  In brief, scientific research is at cross-roads in the country: on one hand, scientific advances are being made at a rapid rate, with a simultaneous increase in the overall number of students/teachers joining scientific careers and starting of several new institutions. On the other hand, scientific progress is often stymied or undervalued due to a variety of reasons. This often leads to mediocrity, makes the public question scientific activities, and above all, compromises the credibility of science. In this situation, ethical and responsible conduct of practitioners of science need to be enhanced, which, in turn, implies that our young scientists/students should be familiar with the varied ideas/concepts embedded in the working of scientific research. The course aims to create awareness and sensitize teachers and students about Ethics in S&T.  The first course will be conducted on 28 February and 1st March, 2014 (10 am to 4.30 pm).
For this intensive course, faculty was drawn from senior IWSA members and other eminent scientists and academicians in the city. The course is targeted towards teachers, scientists/engineers, and students.
Briefly, the course covered the following topics: (1) Introduction: An overview of ethics, morality and science; (2) What constitutes ethical/mis-conduct in science; (3) Group dynamics of doing S&T: Interpersonal relationships among different members of the scientific community, with emphasis on student-mentor relationship; (4) Communicating research work and the many players; publications, authorships, peer reviews, etc; (5) Funding of science: Government versus private funding of science, dominance of patents, publications over knowledge generation, etc. (6) Data management: utmost care to be exercised in experimentation and how results could get skewed with faulty methods, etc; (7) Ethics and technology: how technologies have to be tampered keeping in mind the wider public interests and security concerns.
Registration fees: For Scientists: Rs. 2000/person; For Teachers/IWSA members:  Rs. 1500/ person; For Students:  Rs. 750/student
Prof. (retd) B. S. Mahajan                 S. Zingde                                             S. Nayak
Convener of the course        Co-Convenor & EC member Co-Convenor & EC member
and Trustee, IWSA               

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