National Conference on “Current trends in Science & Technology” (CTST) 2013

Inauguration of the conference was done by Dr. D.P. Amalnerkar Exe. Director, CMET, Pune at 11.00 a.m. on the 28th November, 2013. Chairperson was Prof. S.K. Patil, former Vice Chancellor North Maharashtra University and Bharati Vidyapeeth.
Prof. S.E. Patil began his talk with praise for Madame Marie Curie who is the only person to date, to won a double Nobel prize in 2 disciplines: Chemistry & Physics. He talked about the use of polymers - lithography, polymers drugs artificial nerves, blood vessels, smart polymers and their application in nano science, nono technology & nano particles – sun screens /medicines/modular level therapy/ biosensors.
Dr. Amalnerkar talked on ‘Functional Materials at Nanoscale: Electronics, Energy and Healthcare Applications. The end of the 20th century had seen a boom in the nano technology with the discovery of many variants of nano particulars, nano tubes, nanowise, nanoclusters, nanosheets, nanorods, nanoalloys, nanobelts, nanoflowers, nanoplates & nano needles. Dr. Amalnerkar gave a review of the contribution of CMET’s endeavour for fabrication of active & passive components in the development of nanoscale packages viz-a-vis material development needed for fabricating the final device. He briefly touched upon all allied and activities pertaining to functional nano materials based energy and healthcare technologies at CMET. Dr.V.S. Rao, President, IWSA described multifaceted activities of IWSA HQ and Dr. Nilima Rajurkar explained about the conference.
The conference was for 2 ½ days. There were about 150 delegates in all. Invited talks were 13 in number and covered all aspects of science & technology from lithium batteries conservation of river waters, waste water technology, genomic improvement in plants, meta-material antennas, e-governance to  reach the unreached, radio protectors to physical activity and health.
Leading scientists were Dr. N. Kalai Selvi (Central Electrochemical Res. Institute Karai Kudi) Dr. Bharat Bhushan (YASHADA, Pune) Dr. S.S. Lele (ICT, Mumbai) Dr. S. Joshi (Shrishti Eco-Res. Institute, Pune) R. Patil (Thermax Pune) V.S. Gupta (NCL, Pune) Prof. S. Anant Krishnan (Dept. of Electronic Science, University of Pune), Dr. P.P. Joag (National Informatics Centre, Pune) K. Indira Priyadarshsini and Dr. Sangeeta (BARC, Mumbai). Nayana Nimkar (MM’s Chandrashekar Agashe College of Phy. Edu., Pune)
On the second day there was a special session on waste water technology that was inaugurated by Hon’ble Supriyatai Sule, M.P. She spoke briefy on the importance of the empowerment of ladies in general and importance of saving our natural resources.
There were 21 oral presentations and 34 poster presentations which covered the whole range of science and technology. They were also of very good quality with a good representation from the students’ body. Three prizes for the best oral & poster presentation were selected by a team of judges from among the organizers. The prizes were distributed by Dr. Mangala Naralikar, Sr. Scientist, Pune University in the valedictory function on 30th November, 2013. Dr.Naralikar spoke on the importance of mathematics in every research discipline.
There was a cultural programme on the first day which included folk songs, Lavani dance and western dance. It was enjoyed by everybody. The second day ended with a very active session of on fitness by Dr. Nayana Nimkar who made all the delegates perform aerobic and yogic exercises.
Dr. Rajurkar & her team had done an exquisite job of conducting the entire conference with a coolness, alertness and efficiency. The lunch and dinner sessions included healthy and homely regional specialties and was neither too spicy nor oily. All the delegates, I am sure, had a good time.
IWSAHQ puts on record, our appreciation of the Pune branch for their excellent conference.   

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