Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA) is hosting its 15th year of teaching aids’ exhibition – ‘Rainbow 2012’.  IWSA conducts one year diploma in nursery/crèche teachers training course affiliated with S.N.D.T Women University, Mumbai for last 16 years.

Exhibition was inaugurated by our nursery toddler Ms. Arya More. It was done informally by playing with “Bhatukli” (Doll Playhouse). All the children from IWSA’s Daycare & nursery school were dressed traditionally and enjoyed playing the Bhatukali.  There are around 400 vessels & utensils in brass, copper, wood and silver on display – an unique personal collection by Mr. Karandikar.  There are copper boiler buckets, lanterns, old games, cupboard, which now a day’s nobody uses them in modern lifestyle.  Children were thrilled to handle and play with the “Bhatukali”

There are stone grinder, chapati roller, pounder, chutney grinder, cooking burner, which were kept on a floor to have hand on experience, not only girls but boys also enjoyed doing these chores.  Children from Helen Keller Institute also found these items interesting and played with them.

There are two puppet shows one in Hindi kha gayaI imaMkUkI puMC? it was enacted by IWSA trainees by using very impressive  handmade puppets.  Puppet shows were great hit among children because of their recreational values.  The second show is about the caps which we can make by old newspaper like chef’s cap, sailor’s cap, money lender’s cap, graduation cap.  This activity the teachers can perform as teaching aid and at a low cost too.

Around 1000 children  from Fr. Agnel, St. Marys, Toddler Kingdom, Anchorwala and  Nutan Balwadi visited  the exhibition and enjoyed the puppet show.  We are having two puppet shows on Sunday and the parents can enjoy this show.

We have games, science and creativity corners in the game corner.  We are focusing on creative games, which enhance small and large muscles, eye hand coordination, cognitive development and attention span.

In science corner, we are trying to develop scientific attitude with scientific games by showing concepts of magnetism, germination, float and sink theory.

In the creativity corner children enjoyed playing with all colours, blow painting which aims at sensorial development.  Preschool (2 to 6 years) is the most important stage of life and 80% of brain development takes place in these years.

Teaching aid exhibition is a unique way of showcasing trainee’s work which they learn throughout the year.  Their journals on origami, paper crumpling, collage montaze, crayon and wet painting are on display. Their projects on visual discrimination, E.V.S., maths reading, science awareness and various teaching aids are also exhibited in Rainbow 2012 which teachers, parents and children are enjoying.

Navnit and Pratham books and CD have put up their stalls to display children books on education and recreation. Fevicryl is conducting workshop at 4.00 p.m. every day. IWSA cares for safe environment and thus promotes eco friendly natural holi colours from plants for sale. Proper guidance on kitchen gardening and composting will be given to this counter.

Today we are expecting around 600 children from various schools. On Sunday we are expecting large turnout. The main aim of this teaching aid exhibition is by using method of science, we nurture and create an environment for children to explore, enrich and enjoy.

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