Report on “Wealth not Waste” project by IWSA

Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA) is a registered NGO, established in 1973 and has ten branches all over India.  It is a representative body of working women from various disciplines of basic and applied sciences and technology. The Association’s multi-faceted scientific and community - based activities are all geared to develop a scientific temper in the society (www. 

IWSA also works towards spreading awareness about environment issues. Eco friendly technologies such as rainwater harvesting and solar water heating systems have already been adopted at IWSA’s working women’s hostel at its head quarters at Vashi.  We now plan to take up a new project “Wealth not Waste” . It involves two things, first to create awareness about the isolation of dry & wet waste material   in society and secondly to install a solid waste treatment Demo plant of “Nisargruna” at IWSA campus which will generate biogas fuel and manure from biodegradable waste. This project is funded by The Hemendra Kothari Foundation.

Solid waste management, especially in large cities, is a burning issue which has given sleepless nights to a large number of people. Various legislations are in place to address the issue in totality.  However, the main problem in effective implementation of these legislations is the mental attitude of society!  Public awareness to solve this problem is a crucial issue and needs to be addressed at all levels. Creation of huge amount of untreated biodegradable waste generates water, air and soil pollution and therefore some measures have to be taken urgently.
“Nisargruna” biogas technology for treating solid biodegradable waste developed by BARC is well proven with more than 100 plants working all over the country. The successful operation of plant depends on effective segregation of waste. We need to collect the waste resource materials in at least three different categories as glass and metal, scrap, plastic and green waste resource materials. This type of segregation will not only reduce the handling problem, it will definitely add value to different types of resources in different colored bins. The biodegradable waste is then converted to biogas and manure in the Nisargruna Plant. Dr. Sharad kale chief guest will talk about his experience in developing this technology.
Ms Jyoti Mhapsekar President of Stree Mukti Sanghatana, will explain its role in promoting this technology. A short film  on Nisargruna & its relevance will be shown.
For our Demo Plant we plan to process about 25-50 Kg biodegradable waste per day from the surrounding area. Today’s programme is planned to create an awareness about the segregation of waste & how it can be transformed into wealth.
IWSA  has various programmes on popularization of science & promoting scientific temper amongst
School teachers & children. Last year we selected about 20 students from Sainath school & gave them hands on experience in IWSA’S Science lab. Those who have completed this training , known as “Science Nurture “ will  be given certificates  by Dr. Sharad Kale on this occasion.
IWSA has lots of friends ,well wishers ,who cannot become members of our association,but help us in promoting our objectives ,DR. Sharad Kale is one of them. Dr. Kale was awarded a Padmashri this year , will be felicitated today by Dr. Jayeshree Nadkarni, Chairperson of  IWSA’s Board of Trustees.

We appreciate if a meeting is called of all the residents in your building to discuss the issue at a convenient date and time. Our volunteers would be happy to interact with them.

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