Workshop For NMMC Teachers "Vidnyan- Anand-Dayee Anubhav" - 2012

Date: 6th - 7th January, 2012

A two day free marathi workshop for 35 NMMC school science teachers titled “Vidnyan- anand-dayee anubhav” was organized at IWSA campus, Vashi. The idea was to sensitize the school teachers towards newer methods of teaching, and bring science out of text books and laboratories to day-today life.


International Year of Forests

Date: Saturday ,June 25, 2011

"Forests: Nature at Your Service", was the title of the lecture delivered by Prof. Almeida on the occasion of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. He spoke about ‘Heritage trees of Maharashtra’. A colorful  ‘Vriksharopan’  ceremony was held by planting six  saplings  of  forest  trees Arjuna, Krishna Vat,  Laxmi  Taru,  Neem,  Sita Ashoka, and Pagal patta in the premises of IWSA HQ after the talk. The  saplings  were  carried  in  a  flower bedecked palanquin protected under the shade  of  a  leafy  umbrella. Invocation of the five elements of nature - Earth, Water, Light,  Wind  and Space to protect  the  saplings and usher them to grow  into tall  trees was enacted by IWSA’s administrative staff during reading  from  translations  of  Rabindranath Tagore’s writing on the subject. Senior members of trustees, guests and members joined the procession for plantation.


Self Introduction - Now and after ten years

Date:16th Sept, 2011

A one-day workshop was conducted by the renowned Institute for Psychological Health (IPH) Thane, on ‘Self Introduction - Now and after ten years’ for high school students of Sainath Hindi High School & Junior College. The objective was to facilitate positive handling of emotions, relationships and stresses involved in the choice of career and guide students who are at a crossroad to adulthood, higher education and career pursuits. Attempt was made to explain the working of the mind: Bhavna&vichar- Emotions & Wisdom and how all moods are associated with the mind.  It was explained to them how rational analysis of oneself and one’s limitations can help the mind take appropriate decisions. Hundred and fifty students in two groups listened to professionals from IPH who held the session in Hindi. Dr.ShubhaThatte, Ms.EashwaryaNatekar, Ms.KavitaGauri Joshi, Ms.SurabhiNaik and Ms.PracheeChitre were the resource persons.



Tuesday, 1st March, 2011

About 100 students (boys and girls) of Std VIII and IX of Sainath Hindi and English school alongwith 5 science teachers attended the program. IWSA members Dr. D. Ramanathan, Dr. S. Mukherjee, Ms. M. Rao, Dr. L. Mittal, Ms.Mallika and Ms. Radha demonstrated ten science and math games like, making fake snow and the special uses of sodium polyacrylate, transfer of images using Solar photography and underlying photo emission and absorption characteristics of materials, throwing coins in water bowl to learn how buoyancy and refraction principles control the path of coins, match stick games as brain teasers, identification of trees in IWSA garden and learning the techniques for preparation of herbarium sheets, secret decoding and messaging through invisible letterings using onion juice, optical experiment and the importance of 2 eyes to have 3-D location of objects, dancing moth balls in glass reactor. They explained the underlying scientific principles and applications for each experiment. Significance of the National Science Day, Sir C.V. Raman and his discovery was narrated by Dr. Devaki Ramanathan. In the afternoon session, electronics engineer Dr. Jyotish Babu (BARC), delivered a lecture demonstration on the Science of Music. Properties of different instruments, tunes of different music used all over the world, were played and students were asked to identify them. Interference of sound, super positioning, natural resonance, standing waves, the destroying power of sound, physics of sound and the wonderful power of human ears with a capacity to distinguish from 20 HZ to 20 KHZ were highlighted in his talk. The talk was very educative, interesting, impressive and exciting for one and all.


Rainbow 2011

Date:24-26 FEBRUARY, 2011
A theme based exhibition is conducted and this year it includes all things learned from the workshops conducted and the different field trips.
Two counters – Origami making and puppet making attracted both young and old, where they were taught to make different origami folds and various types of puppets.

Five game stalls were put up such as, feeding the rabbit, shapes, magnetic games, games on seasons and shape it up to develop the child’s skills and enhance their cognitive skills.



The second phase of this programme launched in October 2009, concentrated only on one specific aspect of environment management, i.e., solid waste management.  This programme also included a laboratory training session along with a field visit for school teachers to sharpen their basic scientific skills, including observations and analysis. To start, twenty two schools of Navi Mumbai participated in this years’ programme.


Panel Discussion on “Distress among youngsters: Recent suicidal trends”

Date:  Saturday 27th March, 2010

In the absence of joint family system where grandparents play a crucial role in destressing the young, he said, parents are mostly responsible for creating tension in children.  Parents should befriend and not bully their children.  It is the very abnormal children who tend to commit suicide and early detection of depression would help to save the situation.



Saturday, 6th March, 2010

International Women’s Day was celebrated by organizing a panel discussion on the art of balancing a career and home as a woman. An interactive panel discussion on ‘The art of balancing a career and home as women’ was conducted

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