"Environmental Day Celebration".

IWSA celebrated World Environmental Day on 6th June, 2015 by arranging a lecture on “Environmental challenges of our country” by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director, NEERI, Mumbai. Dr. Devaki Ramanathan welcomed the speakers and the guests. Dr. Balwinder Sapra who chaired the session introduced the guest speaker. Dr. Rakesh Kumar spoke about aerosol and asthma, and the need for better quality of air. It is the fundamental right of every citizen to have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. Hence it is essential to maintain the forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, to have ecological balance. Increase in GDP is linked with depletion of national resources, he further said. It is essential to have NGO participation to reduce environmental footprints, zero waste and reduce water wastage, he emphasized. Dr. Rakesh Kumar also appreciated IWSA’s efforts to develop environmental friendliness.
A tree plantation drive by children of IWSA Day Care Centre was arranged by Dr. Rita Mukhopadhyaya and Ms. Snehalata Bhavsar. Children were dressed up as Earth, Air, Water, Fire and sky and carried the tree saplings in a palanquin and planted them in IWSA premises.


"International Yoga Day Celebration".

Indian Women Scientists’ Association celebrated International Yoga Day on 28th June, 2015 at their Vashi premises at Sector-10A.
There were about 30 women participants from all the age groups. The program started with a presentation on the history and relevance of Yoga in our present day stress filled lives,  by Dr.Lalitha Dhareshwar. She elaborated on the various forms of Yoga and their culmination in Dhyana  or meditation.  She explained how Yoga ultimately leads to an alignment of our attitudes, behavior and values with the universal truth
This was followed by a demonstration of several yogic asanas by Ms.Neha Gharpure and Ms.Ruchi Sood. It was followed by a  relaxation technique and a meditation session assisted by yogic transmission according to Sahaj Marg Meditation practice, by Dr.Lalitha Dhareshwar.
IWSA has always focused on women empowerment and the talks and demonstrations stressed on Yoga and Meditation as the tools to achieve this empowerment.


"BRNS sponsored IWSA popular science lecture – 13th March 2015".

A popular science lecture entitled “Engineering Microbes for Bio Fuels and Biochemicals: The adventures of a synthetic BIOLOGIST” by Dr. Rupali Walia of DBT – ICT centre for Energy Biosciences, Matunga, Mumbai was held at Graduate school of Technology, SIES College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai on 13th March, 2015 at 10 a.m. Dr. Walia spoke on the design and construction of novel synthetic pathways in micro organisms converting them into tiny factories for the production  of bio fuels and bio chemicals. Such engineered micro organisms can be used to produce green energy, provide food and maintain and enhance human health and our environment. Dr. Katayini, HOD of Biotechnology Dept of SIES college, Nerul welcomed the speakers and Dr. Susan Eapen, IWSA spoke on the various activities of IWSA and introduced the guest speaker. About 90 students attended the lecture and there was active interaction with the speakers.

ch"Rainbow 2015"

RAINBOW, the annual Teaching Aids Exhibition by Trainee teachers of the S.N.D.T Nursery Crèche Teachers Training Course was held on the 27th and 28th of February.
The Water Rocket inauguration by our Nursery and Day Care children marked the opening on the first day. This year’s theme was Play – A Musical Drama emphasizing on play and its benefits, was put up by the trainees. It was well received by Adults and Preschoolers. Story Corner – Once Upon A Time witnessed the same excitement and enjoyment. In all around 600 preschoolers attended the first day (Kidzee, Sacred Heart, Anchorwala, Glory Kids / Nutan Balwadi).
The second part of the day had Math’s is Fun Workshop by Mr. Gargi Lagu and Ms. Asha Apte of Origami. 65 students along with 8 – 10 teachers attended the workshop.
DAY 2: Family, friends and parents of preschoolers came in for the drama and story corner. Skills and Thrills in science workshop by Mr. Amit Modi of Techshiksha saw around 25 participants.


"Stem Cell Science and Clinical application of stem cells".

BRNS Popular Science lecture series.

Speaker: Mr, Mustansir Bhori of Dr. D.Y. Patil University and Dr. Pratibha Shetty of Reliance life sciences.

Venue: VES college of Arts, Science and Commerce Chembur, Mumbai
Date and Time:26th February, 2015, 11.00 am


"Science Academies Refresher Course on Foundation of Physics".

Venue: IWSA's "ICICI" Multipurpose Hall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703

Date and Time:20 DECEMBER 2014 to 2   JANUARY 2015


Biomedical Research

"Journey into the world of Lasers".

BRNS Popular Science lecture series.

Speaker: Dr. G. Sridhar of Laser and Plasma Technology Division of BARC, Mumbai.

Venue: Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga
Date and Time:19th November, 2014, 11.00 am

Bmedical Research

"Developing Sci-thinking Skills for 21st century".

BRNS Popular Science lecture series.

Speaker: Dr. A. P. Jayaraman, Senior Nuclear Scientist and former Head of Media Relations, BARC, Mumbai.

Venue: St. Mary's Junior College, Vashi,
Date and Time:14th November, 2014, 11.00 am

Biomedical Research

"Eco-Friendly Ganesh Workshop".

Indian Women Scientists’ (IWSA) organised Eco- friendly Ganesh idol making workshop on Thursday, 26th August, 2014 at  “ICICI” Multipurpose Hall.

emiomedical Research

"Stem Cell Biology-an overview".

Speaker: Dr Mustansir Bhori, Asst Prof. Dept of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, DY Patil University, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
Mr Bhori gave a very comprehensive lecture on stem cells from definition to myths and ethical issues.  He explained about the origins of each of the stem cells, their capabilities and their potential for regenerative medicine.

Venue: Pushpanjali Auditorium, D Y Patil Medical College and Research Centre, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
Date and Time: 27th August, 2014, 10.00 am  to 12.30 pm


emiOGS and Biomedical Research

"Molecular Imaging in Cancer-contributions to human health".

BRNS Popular Science lecture series.

Speaker: Dr Abhijit De, Scientific Officer’F’ Cancer Research Institute, Tata Memorial Centre, ACTREC
Venue: SIES College, Graduate School of Technology, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
Date and Time:1st August, 2014, 2.30 pm


emiOGS and Biomedical Research

"Nanotechnolgy- a chemist's perspective" and "Hydrogen Energy".

BRNS Popular Science lecture series.

Speaker: Prof Dhirendra Bahadur of IIT,  Bombay,Dr Shyamala Bharadwaj of BARC , Mumbai
Venue: SIES college of Arts, Science and Commerce,  Sion, Mumbai.
Date and Time: 17th  July 2014, 9.30 am


eminar on DOGS and Biomedical Research

Atomic Energy in National Development.

BRNS Popular Science lecture series.
Speaker: Dr S Kailas, former Director, Physics Group, BARC, Raja Ramana Fellow and Senior Scientist, University of Mumbai-Centre of Excellence in Basic Sciences.
Venue: Rajiv Gandhi College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Vashi
Date and Time: 10th  July 2014, 10.30 am

World Environment Day

IWSA celebrated World Environment Day on7th June at 3.00 pm by planting a rose plant on the campus by Day Care Children. Ms. Asha Khandkar explained the importance of trees in our life.

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