Guidelines For Branches

1.The Executive Committee of IWSA Headquarters shall have the power to approve the formation of the branch of the Association in an area where there are at least 10 Life members from the science stream.

2. A Branch can be considered in any other city other than that of the head quarters.

Rules for Branch formation

1) Members of any new branch should preferably be associated with a reputed Scientific Institute/ college in the country.

2) At least ten life members from the science stream qualify to make a branch. They can form an IWSA—-adhoc branch after obtaining approval from head quarters.

3) Three office bearers (Convener, Treasurer and Secretary) should be chosen from among the above ten (or more members) to form an adhoc committee.

3a. The Branches cannot have other office bearers such Patrons, advisors etc.

4)As far as possible atleast six programmes are to be organized and proper records of accounts maintained for the same.

4a. Programs could be in the nature of lectures (speakers drawn from own or other neighboring institutions, workshops, book-reviews, etc).

4b. Branches have to raise funds for their programs.

5) After conducting atleast six programs for six months the Convener shall write to the Secretary requesting the authorization of the Executive Committee to be considered as a Branch.

6) Initial membership fees and original membership forms should be sent to the HQ. The proposed Branch can retain Xerox copy of Membership form. This is done as the proposed branch does not have any bank account.

7) The same (entire amounts) will be returned to the Branch as and when its Branch status is approved by Headquarters.

8) The branch should open a Savings Bank account at its branch address, after branch status is granted from HQ.

9) A Fixed Deposit should to be made from the amount collected under life membership fees for the financial year (April to March). From the interest amount (received on FD every year), 25% is to be sent to IWSA HQ.

10) Admission fees and annual membership fees could be utilized for program expenses.

Functioning of the Branch

1) The Convener/Secretary of the Branch shall be responsible for conducting the affairs of the branch.

2) In one given city there shall be only one branch and under the branch several units located in different parts of the city may function with permission of the Branch Working Committee/Executive Committee, (Refer Bye-Laws) Each unit shall have a convener and shall report the activities of the units to the respective branch. The activities of the units shall be on the same lines as that of the branch.

3) The branch shall nominate an Hon. Auditor,/Chartered Accountant who shall audit the expenses of the branch for each financial year.

Reports of all the major activities with photographs should be sent to HQ.

The Covenor/Secretary and Treasurer should send theAnnual Report by end of April and audited statement should be submitted every year by end of July to HQ. If not received by HQ for three consecutive years, even after sending reminders, status of IWSA branch may be terminated.

Funding for activities/seminars

1) If financial help is required from IWSA HQ, a proposal should be sent atleast 2 months in advance to HQ. A maximum of Rs.10,000/- could be sanctioned by HQ. This support is not considered for adhoc branches.

2) If financial help from other government, semi government or private funding agencies is to be applied for, the application should be forwarded through HQ with all relevant details of the activity.

Office Bearers of the branch

1) Office Bearers of the branch should be changed after maximum of three terms of two years each.

2) Details such as names, qualification, designations, affiliations, office and residential address, contact numbers and e-mail address should be submitted to the HQ every two years.

Closure of Branches

Branch Secretary will be responsible to send reports of activities and accounts to HQ every year by the date as specified by HQ. If the branch does not comply for 3 consecutive years they will be given a written warning. After two warnings the EC will take a decision on closure of the Branch.


Forms can be downloaded from Click on Forms and then Membership.

Honorary Members: Women scientists of national and international repute are invited to become members of the Association.

Life Members: Women graduates and diploma holders in all disciplines of basic and applied sciences.

Associate Life Members: All those women who are interested in scientific activities; degree in science is not essential.

Annual Members: Women graduates/diploma holders in all disciplines of basic and applied sciences.

Associate Annual Members: All those women who are interested in scientific activities; degree in
science not essential.


Admission fees Rs. 100/- for all categories of members

Life member /Associate life member: Rs. 3,000/- +100= 3100/- Foreign : $200 (all inclusive)

Annual member /Associate annual member: Rs. 300/year+100=400/-