Objectives of the Trust

  • To develop scientific temper in our society, by disseminating scientific knowledge through lectures, Seminars, discussions, exhibitions etc.
  • To establish and maintain and support science libraries and reading rooms for advancement of education of the society.
  • To purchase, own, construct, hire, take on lease or otherwise acquire places, houses, classrooms, conference-halls, buildings, auditoriums and laboratories for the purpose of running educational and scientific research projects.
  • To promote understanding of the economic and social problems facing women, in general.
  • To establish and maintain Working Women’s Hostel and to grant boarding and lodging facilities to deserving working women upon such terms and for such period in each case as the trustees may deem fit.
  • To conduct programs in the area of women and child welfare by establishing child-care and child-welfare centers, dispensaries, family welfare units and cancer detection centers.
  • To promote professional accomplishments in the scientific field.
  • To be a representative body for the Indian Women scientists working in natural and physical sciences, including applied sciences such as engineering and medicine.
  • The above objectives can be fulfilled by organizing programs independently or in collaboration with like-minded Organizations.