IWSA In Brief


In early 1970’s, a few scientists got together and started thinking that it was not enough to work sincerely sitting in a laboratory, doing experiments, publishing work and living in an ivory tower. There was a major need to take Science to Society using Science and Technology for the up liftment of the “not so privileged” class of society and for women.  In 1972, twelve founder members representing a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines and associated with different scientific institutions came together and registered Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA) on 13th June, 1973 under the Society Registration Act and the Public Trust Act on 19th July, 1973.

IWSA is an All India social welfare, voluntary, non-profit, secular, non-political charitable organization. It has eleven branches namely, Roorkee (1979), Hyderabad (1979), Pune (1980), Kolhapur (1982), Delhi (1987), Kalpakkam (1987), Vadodara (1988), Amravati (2010), Bengaluru (2018) and Nellore (2018). IWSA has about 2000 life members; its head quarters is located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

IWSA’s Membership is open to all women with a background in S&T and Associate Membership is open for those interested in science and with a scientific temper.


  • Take science to masses
  • Develop scientific temper in society
  • Promote scientific accomplishments among women scientists
  • Understand the problems of women in sciences and provide solutions for women empowerment
  • Be a representative body of women in S&T

Activities of IWSA at a glance:

Science ProgramsCommunity Programs
Science Nurture programWorking women’s hostel
Popular science lecture series (with BRNS support)Day care centre
Science Refresher courses/ Lecture workshops/ Research projectsNursery school
Green Initiatives of IWSACommunity health care centre
Conferences/seminarsLibrary/reading room
Computer Centre
Scholarships and awards
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education


1973Registration of IWSA on 13th June, 1973 under the Society Registration Act and the Public Trust Act on 19th July, 1973. 
1986Foundation stone ceremony of the hostel and other activities was held on 12th April, 1986, at the hands of well known social worker, late Padmashree Ms. Anutai Wagh.
1987IWSA’s building complex includes a Hostel, Day Care Centre, Nursery School, Community Health Care Centre, Library, Science Laboratory, IWSA office and a Committee Room. These were completed in Sept. 1987.
1987A Science laboratory was started in 1987. The laboratory was renamed as IWSA’s Dr. Sumati Bhide and Mr. Vasudeo Bhide Science Laboratory in 27 th November, 1999 with funds from the Bhide family.
1989Naming ceremony of the IWSA Hostel as “Jitendra Mafatlal Mehta” Working Women’s Hostel was performed on 9th January 1989, by late Rev. Mother Teresa and late Shri Nana Chudasama, the then Sheriff of Bombay
1989With the aim of taking science to people, IWSA started “Science for Citizen” Library in 1974 at Matunga, Mumbai. This continued till 1980. In 1989 a new library was set up with generous financial support from Pirojsha Godrej Foundation and renamed IWSA’s Pirojsha Godrej Foundation Science Library .
1991IWSA’s G. M. Abhyankar Day Care Centre was started in 12 th January, 1991.
1991Computer Training Centre was started in October 1991 and renamed as IWSA’ Satish Haware Computer Education Centre in 7 th May 2008.
1994IWSA’s Murli Laj Chugani Health Care Centre was started on 12 th February 1994.
1995Training of Teachers (TOT): Pre-primary non-formal method of teaching programme was started in January 1995.  
1998IWSA’s new Shree Mahalakshmi Temple Charities Working Women’s Hostel Wing was added in 13 th June 1998.
1998IWSA’S Multipurpose Hall, for carrying out its multiple activities, was completed on 13 th June 1998 with the financial support from ICICI Bank
1999IWSA’s Mrs. Indirabai Padhye Nursery School for tiny tots was started on 28 th August 1999.

Green Initiatives of IWSA

1999IWSA’s Solar water heater system for the hostel was started.
1999IWSA’s Garden was initiated.
2004IWSA’s Rainwater Harvesting system was constructed.
2013IWSA’s Nisargruna Biogas plant was built.
2015Composting of garden waste was started.
2015Incinerators for sanitary napkins were installed in the Hostel.
2017A 21.75 Kwp solar electricity generating system "Tejomayee" was commissioned.
2018IWSA’s Learning Garden was inaugurated on Environment day.

Friends of IWSA:

Several eminent male scientists and technologists give support to our cause and objectives. These experts are designated as ‘Friends of IWSA’.


IWSA accepts donations for all its activities and infrastructure development and maintenance.  Donations are exempted under 80G (under section 12A of the Income tax Act, 1961).

Donations can be made in cash/ cheque /bank transfer.  For bank details  please contact iwsahq@gmail.com.

Cheque should be payable to “Indian Women Scientists’ Association”.

Donations are also acceptable from abroad in foreign currency.


IWSA needs volunteers for its various science-based and community activities.

You can:

  • Participate in a program as per your expertise for science nurture /workshop/refresher courses.
  • Give a lecture in popular science lecture series program.
  • Help in administration.
  • Create some activity for day care and nursery school toddlers.
  • Help in execution of any planned programme or activity of IWSA.

Write to the President at iwsahq@gmail.com if you wish to volunteer.