TechShiksha sessions for the year 2017-18 (April – Feb) were organized on the following dates.

DateTopics covered in Science & Robotics ClubTopics covered in Electronics clubTopics covered in Arduino ClubTotal No of students
04/092017Level 1 RobotIntroductionIntro to programming - I22
16/04/2017 Magicians RobotResistanceIntro to programming - II22
23/04/2017Obstacle avoiding RobotU.P.SIntro to programming - III22
30/04/2017Line follower robotSelf tuning torchIntro to programming - IV22
April 6, 2017Inch Worm RobotMobile ChargerExhibition
November 6, 2017Clapping RobotTouch sensorAutomatic street light21
18/06/2017Walking robotExhibitionLight sensor21
25/06/2017Newton carDark Sensorheat21
February 7, 2017Potential Energy truckLight SensorDigital thermometer - I20
16/07/2017Tortional RollerNOT GateDigital thermometer - II19
23/07/2017Hydraulic ArmExhibitionDigital thermometer -III19
30/07/2017Gear BoxWater Level IndicatorTV Remote control Intro19
June 8, 2017Flying PendulumLED CubeHome Automation - II19
13/08/2017Automata CAMPNP TransistorsHome Automation - III19
20/08/2017Levitating PencilDarlington PairMotor Control 119
March 9, 2017Spinning PencilPOV DisplayMotor Control 219
October 9, 2017TelegraphH- Bridge Light following Robot18
17/09/2017DC MotorTimer introObstacle avoiding/ follower - I18
24/09/2017InclinometerWaving sirenObstacle avoiding/ follower - II18
January 10, 2017Sun dialPianoEdge detection18
August 10, 20173D GlassTV remote JammerLine Follower18
15/10/2017 MicroscopeCountdown TimerExhibition
29/10/2017Salt batteryPolice sirenLine Follower17
May 11, 2017Infinite mirrorExhibitionServo Motor control17
December 11, 2017Fire ExtinguisherHome automationPCB design17
19/11/2017Supper BubbleOpamp IntroPCB design17
March 12, 2017Sugar TestBattery Charge IndicatorBluetooth module17
October 12, 2017LED plateSpeaker ampBluetooth module17
17/12/2017Automatic DishwasherSpeaker amp on PCBExhibition17
24/12/2017Automatic MopFm transmitterWater level Indicator & alarming system17
July 1, 2018Archimedes screw pumpExhibitionLED cube17
14/01/2018Marble GameClap switchLED cube17
28/01/2018Ornithopter flapping mechanismElectronic DicePOV display17
April 2, 2018Line Follower Type 2Electronic stopwatchPOV display15
November 2, 2018Crawling RobotExhibitionExhibition15

Total No of sessions: 35